Our premium Camellia oil is collected from unpolluted mountains and then carefully cold-pressed. It is clear in color, rich in flavor and possesses a light and herbal aroma. Camellia oil is multi-functional, however, its most frequent form use is for cooking as it contains nutrients that are optimal in terms of one's health.

Early notions and discoveries of Camelia oil have dated back hundreds and hundreds of years. At temperatures of 20-30cc, Camelia oil is said to be a great counter for an upset stomach. Studies have shown that components in Camelia oil coat up the internal wall of the stomach and its nutrients restore mucosal cell recovery. That being said, patients suffering from chronic gastritis, esophageal reflux or digestive ulcer can seek comfort in Camelia oil to reduce symptoms of such ailments. For first time users, it is recommended that one begins with small amounts of the oil, gradually increasing the dose over time. The oil can mixed into meals however, the best result is to digest the oil directly.




Sunplan Camellia seeds are 100% freshly hand-picked from unpolluted mountain areas. We confidently guarantee that our seeds are of highest quality and contain no substitutes.  All camellia seeds are sun-dried and cold-stored immediately. In addition, Sunplan Camellia Oil is processed without high heat, refined, and hydrogenated, therefore, preserving total nutrition. Aside from its bright and translucent color, it possesses a refreshing herbal aroma.





Not only is Sunplan Camellia oil FDA-approved, it is also free of pesticides, heavy metal aflatoxins and contains low acidity. Therefore, freshness and quality is always guaranteed. Camellia oil is also plentiful in monounsaturated fatty acid and at a high smoke point, is a perfect and healthy alternative when it comes to preparing meals.